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Creating equipment

The company develops the design documentation of any kind of complexity and performs three-dimensional modeling of the sample or the technical project.


We can produce the order your equipment.


We assume no liability for manufactured products

In our company,, private enterprise Inkoprom professional staff, that perform tasks, from designing systems, Equipment on request, 'specifications and samples, to their complete manufacturing and installation of "turnkey".

Product Catalog

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Our designers have experience kolosalny Designing and constructing.


We undertake Designing equipment of any complexity and directions.

Creation of working models

Our company offers not only services Projects-tion but also the equipment manufacturing.

agricultural equipment

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It established itself as the market Ukrainian agricultural machinery as well as abroad.
Prices - from the manufacturer

Since Inkoprom own proektiruet and manufactures equipment that the pricing policy of our company quite moderate.

Please Inkoprom!

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